Our one-of-a-kind tours are specially designed to cater to everyone’s needs. It begins when you board our 60’ custom dive boat, The Prince of Tides, where we will begin a scenic cruise out to the crystal clear BOSS site. Upon arrival, you will begin to explore the brilliant undersea world on your own personal BOSS unit. Our professional divers will escort you on a tour in small groups pointing out the wonders of the Caribbean Sea.


Once on board, there is a 15 minute U.S. Coast Guard briefing to inform the guest of the safety equipment on the boat. Then we head out to sea on a scenic 20 minute boat ride to Buck Island National Wildlife Refuge. Buck Island is surrounded by beautiful crystal clear waters and is home to a variety of fish and other aquatic life.

The Briefing

Once in the cove, we do a 15 minute scooter and snorkel briefing, showing you how to get in the scooter and how to drive them. We break you into groups of 12-15 people based on the number of guests onboard the boat.

The BOSS Experience

After the briefing, we bring everyone to the stern of the boat and get the first group ready to start their 30 minute BOSS experience. The BOSS Divers will be in the water with the scooters floating at the surface. The Captain will assign each person a scooter, once you know your scooter number you get in the water and swim a few feet to your scooter. For guests who do not swim, the diver will bring the scooter to the back of the boat, where you will enter the scooter from one of our large metal ladders.

The BOSS Underwater

After you are in the scooter, our divers will make sure you are comfortable, then begin to slowly lower the scooter until you are 8 feet below the surface of the water while reminding you to equalize your ears, just like on an airplane. Once everyone in your group is in the scooters we start the guided tour. You will be following the dive instructors all awhile in the amazement of the undersea world. Half way through the tour the divers will stop and group you with your friends and family to take 5-6 pictures with your underwater camera. We do have cameras for sale onboard the boat.


Two tours for the price of one!! Yes, not only do you get to enjoy the wonders of the sea underwater in the BOSS Scooter, you can take advantage of our complimentary snorkel equipment and head out on your own snorkel adventure.


Our dive yacht provides you with spacious sun decks for lounging in the sun as well as covered areas for shade. In addition, you will be provided with water, juice, and cookies to snack on- as well as fresh water showers and there is a restroom on board.

The End of The Tour

Remember to purchase your BOSS T-shirts during the ride back to the cruise ship dock.